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For over 10 years, the World Policy institute published daily blog posts from journalists, scholars, and practitioners around the world.  

The blog featured contributions from WPIs programs – including the Arctic in Context and the African Angle – each of which highlighted local voices from their respective regions.  Issues such as climate change, corruption, and culture were covered often from a local perspective. 

While we are building out our new programs, we would like to invite you to take a look back through the archives at some of the wonderful journalism, analysis, and commentary that you might have missed. 

Talking Policy: Mark Galeotti on Russia

Russia's resurgent militarism in Syria and Ukraine has brought up questions of what Putin is trying to achieve and whether Russian cooperation with the West is still possible. World Policy Journal sat down with Dr. Mark Galeotti, modern Russia expert and Clinical Professor in Global Affairs at New York University, to discuss Russia’s current objectives.

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Best of 2015: World Policy On Air

Capping our Best of 2015 series this week, we look back on the year's best episodes from our podcast World Policy On Air. Host David Alpern spoke with Pulitzer Prize-winning former U.S.

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The Battle for Free Education in South Africa

As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at Ndumiso Daluxolo Ngidi’s piece on South Africa's #feesmustfall movement. Ngidi examined the protests through South Africa's historical context and argues that the discontent is about far more than rising education costs.

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Don’t Reform the Security Council

Today in our Best of 2015 series, we take another look at calls to reform the United Nations Security Council. A growing number of states are demanding changes to the rules governing one of the most important U.N. bodies, but, according to World Policy Institute’s Jonathan Cristol, UNSC reform remains impossible and unnecessary.

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Whose Arctic Is It? The Ethics of Arctic Campaigning

As part of our Best of 2015 series, we look back at Heather Exner-Pirot’s op-ed from October. Taking a holistic view of Arctic policy, Exner-Pirot asked whose agenda should matter more: environmental groups who prioritize curbing climate change or the interests of marginalized Arctic inhabitants who want a greater say in their own destiny?

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Nauru: A Cautionary Tale

Today in our Best of 2015 series, we highlight Vlad Sokhin’s contribution to the latest issue of World Policy Journal. In this winter's Portfolio section, Sokhin documents life in Nauru, where the land has been stripped bare and the hulking shells of its last industry sit abandoned in the tropical sun.

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