World Policy

As the successor to the World Policy Institute, Broaden has a long history of creating globally-focused educational programs.

In its 70+ years of existence, WPI integrated traditional policy reports, events, conferences, and testimony with more accessible forms of policy communication: story-driven journalism, the arts, and a focus on voices from underrepresented corners of the policy world. 

From its flagship World Policy Journal, to its events, conferences, podcasts, and digital media World Policy’s work has featured global leaders, legendary artists, renowned activists, and prominent scholars. We invite you to take a look back through the archives at some of the insightful journalism, analysis, and commentary put out by World Policy. 

World Policy Journal

World Policy Journal was the flagship publication of the World Policy Institute. For 35 years, WPJ was known for lively, intelligent writing that provided engaging, in-depth looks at global affairs and culture. Although carrying the intellectual weight and rigor of traditional academic journals, WPJ sought out reportage and analysis characterized by original thinking, compelling narratives, and stylish writing with the belief that good ideas can come from any field, and that policy could serve as a point of entry into stories of broader interest. WPJ contributors conveyed passion about their subjects, telling the stories behind the topics that humanized policy issues, leaving readers with a sense of surprise and a deeper understanding of an issue’s history.


For over 10 years the World Policy Institute's maintained a digital platform that published journalism and commentary from around the world, including specialized blogs including the African Angle, Polarizing Political Economy, Arctic in Context, and the Arts Policy Nexus.


World Policy On Air, a podcast from the pages and website of World Policy Journal featured former Newsweek On Air host David Alpern and conversations with experts and journalists from around the globe.


From dinners with world leaders, to breakthrough conferences, innovative workshops, and film premiers – World Policy events created new spaces for communities to come together around policy issues and engage with each other in open, honest dialogues.