Award-Winning Photos from Across the Arctic

Sergey Rusanov / Russia

The Global Arctic Awards host a yearly international photography competition featuring Arctic and Northern images. A panel of judges considers submissions in a wide range of categories, including landscapes, wildlife, and ethnography, as well as more specific categories such as northern lights or iceberg images. The images showcase the diversity of Arctic scenery, cultural traditions, and animal life. The competition is chaired by Aleksey Anisimov, and over 100 awards are distributed each year from photographic societies around the world. Here we present a selection of images from winners of the 2014 Global Arctic Awards.

    Kamil Nureev / Russia

    Alexey Trofimov / Russia

    Artur Stanisz / Canada

    Mikhail Vershinin / Russia

    Aleksey Nikolaev / Russia

    Sergey Makurin / Russia

    Danil Korzhonov / Russia

    Audun Rikardsen / Norway



[Photos provided by Aleksey Anisimov]

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