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Volume XXII, No 2, Summer 2005

A publication of the World Policy Institute
at The New School

World Policy Journal

The Curious Case of American Hegemony: Imperial Aspirations and National Decline

  David C. Hendrickson
  The Dragon and the Tigers: China and Asian Regionalism
  Hugh De Santis
  India and the United States: Forging a Security Partnership?
  Sumit Ganguly and Andrew Scobell
  Capital Comes Calling on India
  L. Brooks Entwistle
  Free Markets and Their Umpires: The Appeal of the U.S. Regulatory Model
  Isabel M. Bjork and Catherine R. Connors
  Chinese Students and Anti-Japanese Protests, Past and Present
  Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
  April in Paris
  Mira Kamdar
  The Hidden Roots of Wahhabism in British India
Charles Allen
  “Rehabilitating” Stalin
Nina Khrushcheva
  Paradoxical Pakistan
Jitendra Nath Misra
  Reform in China
  There is No Closure
  Karl E. Meyer  


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